The Meaning of LOM

Light of Mine (LOM) was formed from the fate of a personal journey. Our Chief Light Giver, Stephanie has allowed her pain to serve as the cornerstone of her purpose. The challenge and charge of cultivating a perspective fueled with faith, grounded in love, compassion, and forgiveness through every trying circumstance. Rediscovering the light within, and letting it lead as she learned to walk through the darkness - feeling, fumbling and crawling her way to other side of it all. 

The path of re-igniting her internal flame brought Steph to the forefront of a very clear mission. This is when LOM and its Candelas were born. Through offering a tangible reflection of the light within, LOM mirrors the sacred presence we each embody. Because so many of us don't realize how much we are loved, how much we matter, and how desperately the world needs us to live out our greatness, Light of Mine lives as your everlasting reminder of the power and truth that is always present.

The Divine Light that guides each of us home - to a place of profound peace, infinite joy, and endless, unconditional love. Every message, product or pep-talk we share is devoted to you. To invite, inspire and encourage you to give yourself whole-heartedly to the journey, your journey, and to the magnificent unfolding of it all. To boldly Become Illuminated.


From a young age, my personal journey has been guided by the light. Losing my mother to cancer at 18 was a pivotal turning point - she was my cheerleader and taught me to love with care and compassion for all humans. show more