Steph's Story

From a young age, my personal journey has been guided by the light of Jesus Christ. Losing my mother to cancer at 18 was a pivotal turning point - she was my cheerleader and taught me to love with care and compassion for all humans. Without her physical presence and support in my life, I would have to dig deep within to discover that strength on my own. To rise up in what I learned from her and share it through my work. I began to travel the world, exploring and receiving the care and compassion that so effortlessly connects the thread of all humanity. This fostered my desire to start a movement, share the good news, and make an impact, leaving behind all that was comfortable and safe in favor of plunging into the unknown. To serve in the name of God.

“To ignite oneself is to co-create with the Sacred in such a way that the very nature of you is ablaze.”

This process calls forth courage to care for the candle enkindled within ourselves. To stay inspired, to dream big and to love without limitation - because life is fragile and the only time we truly have, is now. My daily work entails using all my gifts to enrich and infuse others’ lives with joy, peace, and possibility. It is my deepest desire that every soul I come in contact with radiates their own incredible spark of the Divine out into the world. Together we can create a world ignited, as we all Experience the Light Within.

I will always be here to echo and encourage this for each one of you.

With all my love,


Chief Light Giver

Light of Mine (LOM)


  • I love Jesus.
  • My favorite practices are kindness, compassion and mindfulness.
  • I recharge my light by connecting with God - exploring the jungle, swimming in the ocean, flying through the clouds, and sitting in silence.
  • I studied at the University of Florida (Go Gators!), Georgia State University  and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, but I consider myself a forever student of life.
  • My ultimate creation station is the kitchen - I love to cook plant-based organic greatness!
  • My daily rituals include prayer, physical activity, and drinking green juice.
  • Hometown: Miami, Florida
  • I’ve been blessed to call the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica home.
  • My favorite Candela is Pura Vida, I can't get enough lemongrass!