The Balance of Body and Soul

Hola a Todos and Welcome To Another Light Download!

This week I’m inspired to share about my journey into holistic living, and how creating unity between my Alma + Cuerpo has elevated and transformed my life. I truly believe that our ultimate wellness is found when we create balance and harmony within our mind, body and soul. This often requires us to take inventory of the different areas and our life and uncover if we feel truly in alignment with our choices. Do you love the work that you do? Does it bring you fulfillment? Are you nourishing yourself from the inside-out with the best quality food? Have you cultivated a spiritual practice to reconnect with your Higher Purpose? Do you feel nurtured and engaged in healthy relationships? These are some helpful questions we can ask ourselves, to learn more about how we’re feeling and the areas of our life we’d like to shift.

My personal transition to holistic living was gradual. When I was in college I ate very poorly -- whatever was fast, packaged and convenient. I’ll never forget the day after I graduated from college, I could hear my body yelling, “ENOUGH!” That was the moment when I decided to pursue a plant-based diet. I could no longer eat junk food and found myself craving fresh fruits and vegetables. Through this transformation of my physical body, what I consider my vessel and temple, the other areas of my life began to shift and evolve, as well.

I also began to more deeply investigate the work I was doing in the world. I had prior experience in both the nonprofit sector and the corporate arena. Each brought it’s own set of blessings and challenges. I initially maintained a positive attitude and embraced the work at large, believing that it was all serving a greater purpose. Still, I had plenty of meltdown moments where I didn’t like what I was doing, especially within the corporate world. I felt genuinely challenged and unhappy with the stress and expectation of that role. On paper everything looked “great”, but within my heart I knew there was a different path and purpose calling me. I began to pray, asking for guidance to show me the way.

I believe there are many different ways to connect to and communicate with God. For some, that word is Spirit or The Universe, Source, Creator or even The Unknown. I happen to choose Jesus as my favorite communication line. Our relationship has evolved so many times -- transitioning from weak to strong, over and over again. The importance of developing some type of spiritual practice, whether it’s going to church, a worship service, volunteering for those in need, meditating, spending time in nature or with loved ones, etc. speaks volumes to the energetic experience of our lives. It builds a foundation of reverence for the Divine Flow, and helps give us the strength to surrender to any circumstance that comes our way. It grows our trust in the ultimate good, no matter how it appears, and reminds us of the great Love that exists within and all around us.

Finally, I find it necessary to surround myself with wonderful people. Healthy and happy relationships are truly a gift to be cherished. Each person we encounter is a teacher, and every relationship, whether tumultuous or unpleasant, profound or life-altering, comes equipped with a certain message or lesson for us to learn. As I awaken to this ultimate truth, I reveal a deeper gratitude for every human being I am met with, and find more compassion for their experience, without a need or desire to fix or “change” them. Instead, I uncover a desire to support and call forth their greatest good, and to be a positive light and guide for them, as well.

I invite you to look more deeply at your own experience of how you walk towards and live within the balance of Body and Soul. Share your thoughts with us here at Light of Mine (LOM) by emailing and connect to a community who is also growing and evolving. We are all on the path towards more truth, and discovering our ultimate light. So, feel the beat of your own heart, listen to its wisdom, and go from there.

Honoring The Brightest You,