Rejoice and Be Glad!

Hola y Bienvenidos to another exploration of what it means to Become Illuminated! This week’s topic is inspired by our Candela, Ser Feliz. Ser Feliz is all about discovering everlasting joy, celebrating the beauty of life, and embracing the truth that adds light to our lives.

Do you remember the last time you felt truly happy, jubilant and inspired? Can you recall what you were doing, and who you were with, (or were you alone?) Were you out in nature, at an event, or immersed in a creative activity? Naturally, all human beings desire to feel and be happy - to feel playful and buoyant in our heart, to feel peace and connection. Often times, trying to discover what really brings us happiness can feel like a struggle, a fleeting moment that can be hard to come by. We become caught up in the familiar demands and chaos of daily life, and when we begin to search for ‘happiness’ in external ways, we can get distracted and thrown off course from our truth. So what is happiness, and where is it found?

The answer, truly, is so much simpler. Happiness lives within us, and shines as an invaluable gift of of the Divine. The French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said that, “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” Light of Mine firmly believes this to be true! When we follow God’s truths, lasting joy can be found in every season. We can delight in knowing that when we listen to Him and follow the instruction of the Lord, our hearts will be filled with wisdom and happiness, and peace will reign in our soul. As we unite to this incredible truth, we are filled with a hope that anything is possible. Our strength in faith will light the way.

Connecting with God can be as simple as entering into a space of gratitude, prayer or meditation. When we begin to appreciate our circumstances as they are and shift our attention to the Holy Spirit, we find that there is plenty to be grateful for. Speed bumps or challenges in our circumstances will evolve into opportunities for us to grow and learn. A perspective of lack or ‘not enough’ can shift into one of plenty, or abundance. Keeping our mind and heart focused on God colors our perspective with unconditional love and joy.

Mother Teresa said, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” It is through our being the expression of God in the world, to ourselves and to others, that transforms darkness into light - that reigns happiness onto the Earth.

In Joy,