Luminous You

Hello and Bienvenidos to another exploration of illumination!

Do you know that within you lives a special, sacred light? This week’s topic is about just that, our own Luz Sagrada. Luz Sagrada is in many ways the essence of Light of Mine, and symbolizes a tangible reminder of the sacred light that lives within each of us. Truly, we are all created in the likeness and image of God, uniquely and remarkably made. The moment we are born a candle is lit, and a spark sets fire in the world. By being who we truly are and shining our essence in the world, we each contribute to the fabric of life itself. It’s true! The universe would not be the same without you, your presence is a present, your perspective and gifts make a difference. You matter!

From a very young age most of us are are conditioned to perpetually seek external validation -- to look outside of ourselves for love, approval, information and entertainment. We seek affirmation and affection from others. But while these things and feelings contribute to our human experience, they don’t define us. We are so much more than just the thoughts and opinions of others. Your sacred flame is the light and love of God that dwells within you. It is immaculate and incredible, transcending every label, gender, judgement or status. It just is, and it is perfect and beautiful in and of itself.

Luz Sagrada echoes the truth of who we are, what is possible when we believe in our potential and that which we so often forget - that we are light. Our lives are a gift, and we have the opportunity to do incredible things with that which is entrusted to us. As we turn our vision inward and reflect upon our Divine nature, we can marvel at what we see. All that we are capable of, all that we are. To access our internal flame, the sacred space within, we must become still and quiet. By turning down the volume in our head and amplifying the volume of our heart, we can hear whispers of love and truth. As we commune with this inner stillness more and more, we develop a deep and lasting relationship with our Spirit, that becomes the guiding compass of every moment forward.

The element of Fire was discovered by humans more than 2 million years ago. This revolutionary “discovery” has transformed life as we know it. We work with fire each day - the light it provides, the warmth it generates, the ability to create and alter everything around us. Awakening to our own inner fire will also revolutionize the path of our life. As we look inward and discover that internal flame, we can rise up in our greatness and make a lasting difference in the world, purifying it into a place of peace, of love, and of hope.

We see you, We Honor you, We bow to your Light.