To Love and To Cherish

Dearly Beloved!

We are gathered here today to talk about a topic we truly adore. One of the biggest, brightest and boldest experiences of all: LOVE. The fertile ground where profound things are able to grow and blossom. Love is something we feel at the very depths of our being. It moves us, transforms us, inspires us and even challenges us. But what is true love and where does it actually begin?

The truth is that our world is in sensory overload. “Love” is a term that gets used for so many things, yet doesn’t always carry a clear meaning. We are easily sparked and captivated by the external world - through people, places and material things - but they are ultimately temporary. While they can still hold value and enhance our experience in some remarkable way, the ultimate beginning and end is to experience the love of God that dwells within us. At Light of Mine (LOM) we believe wholeheartedly that before we can truly and resoundingly love another, we must learn to know and love ourselves - fully, completely and unconditionally. First and foremost, we must tend to the soil of our own spirits. This can sometimes feel like the most difficult charge of all! We so often put others before ourselves -- doing our best to be of service, to support others’ needs, to work hard, meet the deadlines, and give everything we can. It can often leave us feeling drained, disconnected and exhausted, unable to give ourselves that same care and attention.

So, the only way we will truly heal and be of greatest support to the world is when we begin within, to heal ourselves. To support and nurture who we truly are, love. To ensure that our own cup is nourished, and full. How can we do this? By centering God in our hearts. When we shift our external vision inward we are able to explore this truth of what love really is. When we put our own self-care first, we are able to show up more replenished and more whole. How can you love yourself in a bigger way today? There are many ways you can give yourself a little more love, now and forever! Try taking some time throughout your day to disconnect from all distractions and be truly present. Immerse yourself in a moment of prayer, write a gratitude note, meditate, contemplate, spend time with your partner, family or community, take a rejuvenating bath, go outside and soak up the sunshine, the natural beauty before you. Find a way to connect to your center, the heart that beats lovingly within you.

Our Amor Bueno candle was created to embody this remembrance of everlasting light that dwells in our entire being. Your heart labors in love for those it cares for, and longs to be served by you. May you be reminded today of the beauty and immensity of love - and the importance to tend to it. To place our attention on it and ensure that we nourish it to grow.

You are the apple of our eye.

Love you to infinity and beyond,