Listen to Your Light

Hola Farolitos (Little Lanterns)!

Wow. Can you believe that it’s already November?! The year has truly flown by. So, as the weather becomes cooler and leaves start to fall, we enter a season of transition. Autumn tends to be a time of reflection. We begin to slow down and look upon the year we’ve lived. To honor the rich lessons of our soul. What have we learned? What are we shedding or letting go of? In which direction are we moving? What are we choosing? And how can we continue to root deeper into ourselves, and our truth?

Mahatma Gandhi said that, “Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.” There will always be moments that arise in life where it feels as though we are walking through darkness. Where we may feel purposeless and confused, hopeless and in despair, stuck and stagnant. Where we question how to best show up in the world. However long that season of difficulty may last, the important thing is to trust our intuition and to listen to the voice within that leads us. To surrender to a higher purpose, and have faith that we are being divinely guided by God, even when we can barely see the path in front of us.

It is said that the only constant is change, but instead of feeling halted by this idea, it actually offers us many blessings and opportunities to live fully, from our hearts. To surrender and flow with the river of life. Although it can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming to just be, we are always being invited to observe the transitions that are occurring within us, and how to keenly listen to our inner guide. We are invited into a time of personal hibernation. To turn inward and truly look at ourselves -- our thoughts, our beliefs, our behaviors, and to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose, gratitude, courage and commitment.

There is always a light shining, guiding us towards safe passage. Towards our destiny. An inner lighthouse that reveals the next step along our journey. That whispers, “You got this.” So, as we flow into the holidays - gathering, sharing and being of service to others, swept up by hustle and celebration, how can we stay joyful and authentically rooted in our strength, ensuring we are also fully nurtured and taken care of? Here are some of our favorite tips to ensure your wholeness and wellness through this deep and reflective time.


-- Be Still. Embrace moments of quiet and calm. Carve out time (whether 5 minutes or 50) at the beginning of your day to just … sit. Observe. And listen. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.” As nature herself begins to slow down and move at a more patient pace, how can we, too, follow suit?

-- Honor your ritual/routine/self-care moments. Find time for yourself before giving to others. Whether it’s taking those moments of meditation, writing in your journal (sometimes putting a vision on paper helps bring clarity to the direction we are called to move in), reading your favorite book, going on a walk around the neighborhood, or drinking tea and taking a warm bath, love on yourself! You are worth the extra moments of self-adoration.

-- Gather mindfully. At a time when we are in constant connection with family and friends, being festive and at times feeling overloaded with energy (and food), it’s important to carry the intention to gather mindfully. To consciously choose the quality and quantity of our meals, our interactions and our connections. Eating healthfully and in moderation, while setting gentle and necessary boundaries with our time and energy can offer additional support so we don’t feel overloaded. Connect with others who lift you up and enhance your shine. Let the holy-days rejuvenate you even more.

-- Gift with intention. Instead of falling into a haze of consumerism and one-time-use “stuff”, give gifts that offer an experience and inspire others. There are many ways to create DIY gifts, or to support local businesses creating eco-friendly products that strengthen our connection to the world and to one another.

-- Light a Candela. Set an intention. Say a prayer. We are all going through it, even as we walk our own paths. Remember how blessed we are to have the opportunity to come together and celebrate life. Keep the fire burning, in your home and in your hearts. Give thanks for every day that we are here.

In Love and Light,