Experience the Light Within

Hello Luminous Ones!

We’re on a mission for people everywhere to Experience the Light Within. At Light of Mine (LOM), we believe that all beings have light enkindled in their hearts. Physics sometimes refers to light as “luminous or radiant energy” and we see it as just that. What we believe, how we perceive ourselves, others, our circumstances, our passion and zest for life, and the love, forgiveness and acceptance we carry with us in every moment, all play a part in the brightness of this inner light. So how do we connect with it and why does acknowledging this “light” matter? Think of a time in your life where you felt “connected” or even “lit up”. This feeling of pure joy and profound gratitude are glimpses to the internal illumination always available to us. The essence of this experience is not circumstantial; it is a choice that stems from within us. So, when we allow ourselves to continually tap into it, it has the potential to transform our entire lives.

Oftentimes, the true nature of our spirit is most intimately accessed in moments of stillness or silence. To really be with ourselves can feel uncommon in a day and age where time passes so swiftly, the demands of life are ever increasing, and we are inundated with so much noise. How often do we simply feel the pulse that beats through us? Or stop and observe the myriad of thoughts flying through our mind? Finding opportunities to pause, reflect, and feel gratitude for the now can infuse more buoyancy and warmth into our hearts and connect us to who we truly are, a being of love. Learning more about our truth and what lies within us adds value to our life as we jubilantly show up in the world. Going outside and immersing ourselves in nature, spending time with friends or loved ones, engaging in inspiring and thought-provoking conversation, listening to beautiful music, dancing, connecting over a delicious meal, writing, drawing, painting or simply choosing to smile at a stranger are miraculous moments that can remind us of and strengthen that ever-present light.

The value of uniting with this light is vital to our existence. In a world that can often feel relentless - where we strive for success, acceptance, or recognition from others externally, simply acknowledging ourselves can be an incredible gift. To see and call forth the beauty of being alive. The truth is that we are all interconnected, and allowing ourselves to presence our inherent togetherness - that we are all doing our best to be our best, can create lasting effects. We invite you to see the light and encourage more of its expression every day in every way - with yourself and others. This is how we light up the world: together.

LOM was created to help you remember and reflect. To encourage a mindful moment, as you experience and appreciate the infinite love and light within, inviting you to breathe and recharge, so you can share your most illuminated self with others. So you can embody your truth and share your gifts. Through these sacred moments offered in tangible form, you can transform your mind, body and spirit by feeling fully lit up, each day.

You light up our world!

Shine on,