Created to Create

Hello Colorful Ones!

The subject matter on hand and in our hearts, is one that flows through all humanity and unites us in a collective experience - creation. What is it about creativity that most of us have come to identify with merely, as an abstract thought? An assembly of monochromatic ideas, symbols, and expressions singularly rendered in our mind. A combination of mystical musings that gather in the ether waiting patiently to be called on, to be transformed. Most people don't think of themselves as creative let alone willingly embrace the task of adding to the mural of existence. Yet, it is these limiting thought patterns and conditional training that have us holding on tight to the stencil of complacency, fear and apathy, as we forego the exceptional and fascinating pallet of life.

When I was a little girl I remember telling my Mother casually and confidently that God, was a magic painter. Every human was to be used by Him as a tool, purposefully and powerfully contributing to the miraculous canvas of the world. I was aware that each of us added our own spark of the Divine into the earth, enhancing its allure, marvel and majesty. Apparently this thought stuck with me throughout the years, and I found my own way to express that which was entrusted to my soul. My creativity when channeled takes a very interesting form. It’s not a song, or painting, poem or book, craft or knit, caricature or ceramic. It takes the guise of words expressed when I am connecting with another being. Plant or animal, human or angel. It takes no particular shape and has no color, but creates fine art in and of itself.

In every moment of every day we are called to connect with the treasures hidden in our soul. Only you can access these precious gems and extract the most valuable jewels. Sometimes the map to the treasure chest is long and arduous, winding and unclear. To be sure that you are on the right path there is only one legend to consult, you heart. Your fascination, impulsion, and life-giving curiosity, will guide you along the way. As you begin to explore all the possibility within you and invoke enchantment, you welcome the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

I guess you could say Light of Mine (LOM) is also an expression of the inspiration that has gracefully made its way from a conceptual idea to a sacred tangible form. Our Candelas are a delightful collaboration of love. Every person who has generously added their touch of wonder to our products has made it possible for you to enjoy. Brillante in particular was created to inspire your journey and remind you that you were wonderfully and fearfully made. Created to create - life, love, purpose, peace, harmony, innovation, grace, happiness and heaven on earth.

You are a masterpiece.

Love you like the brightest crayon in the box,